Coca-Cola Serves Up Self-Service and Automated HR Practices

In this interview, Karla Younger, the Vice President of HR Services at Coca-Cola, shares how the company increased its HR efficiency by implementing automated web requests and human resources self-service tools. Coca-Cola continues to be on the cutting edge by building out its interactive dashboards. Read on for more insight from Karla.

hrh media: Since Coca-Cola Enterprises opened its North American HR Shared Services Center in Florida in 2009, the center has evolved with new technology and process improvements. Would you mind touching on some of the most notable of the center’s advancements?

We enhanced the efficiency of our inquiry volume intake and processing by improving the web request form to automatically create a case without Customer Service Rep involvement. We now have forms that automatically route to the assigned group within our case management tool and these automatically create a case as well. Previously, the cases were created manually.
We also launched the ability for associates to check the status of a case through self-service.

In the ESS area we converted all of our remaining state W-4 forms from paper to online. For MSS, we launched new and improved reports for managers and created visibility for managers and the next level up manager of separations that are submitted late. We currently have a project underway to improve the use of our HR intranet to make the customer experience as intuitive and accessible as possible.

hrh media: Coca-Cola is noted for its in-house payroll operation and its benefits, pension and leave of absence-related operations. Could you please explain how the company has used metrics and analytics to take operations to a whole new level?

Since we have quite a bit of the work within these specific operations that route through our case management system, we are now able to measure that volume, understand peak periods of activity where we can shift resourcing strategies to accommodate, and identify where we have gaps in our intranet content and can build it out further to enable to associates to find what they need online.

hrh media: What is planned for your HRIS Reporting team for 2013?

While the team continues to handle internal company integration work and ongoing required reporting needs, there is an effort underway to expand the build out of our HR data into interactive dashboards and reports for HR. The HR Business Partner community has a start on what is needed, but further delivery will occur, as well as interactive dashboards and reports for specific functional areas within HR, such as Employee Relations and HR Services.

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