The reviews are in … NOVAEXEC is the ish

Critics agree: The final version of NOVAEXEC prevails.

Emails have been trickling in ever since NOVAEXEC hit the streets during the
second week of June. Here are a few excerpts:

Congratulations on NovaExec!  It looks amazing and is filled with
wonderful articles and information.  Very very cool.

Outstanding job on the NOVA Exec! You must be extremely pleased with the
fine quality. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! YOU ROCK!
– T.M.

Thanks for the copy of NOVA Exec that arrived this week in the mail.  The
issue looks great. Congratulations!  I know what a mammoth job it is to launch a
– W.K.

Congrats on the newborn edition!. I quickly viewed it online and it looks
very good.
– B.K.

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