Introducing NOVAEXEC

Jonathan Browning, the president and chief executive officer of Volkswagen, graces the cover of our premier issue on stands now. He introduces the third-generation VW Beetle.

Last week, two milestones were reached within the media world. Hannah Hager
turned 26, and NOVAEXEC, Northern Virginia’s only business magazine was born. I
have a lot to say about NOVAEXEC; Not only am I the proud editor of its premier
issue, but I worked myself to the bone getting it out. I experienced nothing
less than self-induced anxiety, restless nights, eye twitches, the near-loss of
close friends and strain on my fellow coworkers. I can delve deeper into what it
takes to launch a magazine, but for now I just want to be a platform for its
introduction. Happy Birthday to us.

For the e-edition, visit

Many thanks to Peter Arundel, the magazine’s publisher and my sounding
board; to John Geddie, Managing Editor of the Loudoun Times-Mirror for relieving
me of other duties in the throes of the publication, with an impeccable
intuition of my breaking point; Crystal Owens for copyediting the entire issue
and reading my many rewrites; Rosemary Felton, Advertising Manager, for leading
an exceptional advertising team that gave NOVAEXEC one of the most beautiful
back page ads I’ve ever seen; Bev Denny, Chief Photographer, for telling our
stories visually and Meredith Hancock, Art Director, for illustrating and
designing a dynamic print edition.

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