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Pinpointing the need for Pinterest

For awhile, I couldn’t quite sell myself on the value of Pinterest for businesses. It’s not that I didn’t love PInterest, my friends, in fact I was an early adopter and have hundreds of pins relating to my imaginary wedding. Who doesn’t?

Given my experience with the social media site — gowns, jewelry, paper products — I was remiss to believe Pinterest would add any real return on investment for businesses. However, after a bit more research I have changed my mind and now believe that any time a marketer can create a touch point for its target market then it is for the better.

I will now go forward and create a Pinterest account for my clients. Since four of them are newspaper companies, it will be easy to find regular content.

My plan is to start pinning photos attached to the most-read news articles, which of course will then redirect viewers to the respective website. Once the newsroom — and the C-suite — become accustomed to this I will proceed to pinning advertisements.

There remains a Chinese wall between the editorial and advertising departments in the media business. Where one department goes left, the other goes right. No longer can this be the case. The art department creates fantastically visual imagery in its advertisements — and their work needs to be showcased as much as the editorial work. The advantage of pinning advertisements will be increased pageviews, which can then lead to up-sells.

As I enter into the unchartered (for me) territory of pinning on behalf of businesses, and not just myself, would you offer me any advice?

What to write about in your blog

It’s not uncommon for inspiration to drain from regular bloggers. Creativity is a beast that takes you on a ride from the summit of enlightenment to the abyss of nothingness. Sometimes it will feel as if you have no advice or encouragement to impart upon your readers.

It’s important to know that we’ve all been there, and it is OK if you can’t post new content because nothing is coming. The cure is in the calendar. Avid bloggers and successful authors with millions of followers will tell you that mapping out an editorial calendar has saved them during their own creativity droughts.

In my personal and professional life, I ardently map out my duties, goals and tasks. When I was the Editor of an executive-level business magazine I had my editorial calendar planned out a year in advance. Not so when it comes to my creative writing. I’m not a “creative planner” and I suffer from dry spells. My blog was the creative stepchild that was tended to when I found the time.

So, I started carrying a pen and pad with me wherever I go (yes, I have an iPhone, and no it’s not the same) so that I can jot down blog ideas throughout the day. On the back of a wedding invitation sitting on my desk I have written “On Pinterest” to remind myself that eventually I want to write about best practices for businesses using Pinterest. The idea hasn’t matured yet and I want to let it ferment further.

If you have no clue where to start in planning out your editorial calendar, look at your monthly calendar. No matter what your industry, you will find an event each month that will relate to your business. For instance, October is not only Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is also Women in Small Business Month. If that can’t provide me with inspiration, nothing will.

Here’s a list of themed months to chew on:

January – National Poverty in America Awareness Month

February – Black History Month

March – National Umbrella Month

April – National Autism Awareness Month

May – Meditation Month

June – Great Outdoors Month

July – Roots and Branches Month

August – National Inventors Month (also Beach Month!)

September – Baby Safety Month

October – Mental Illness Awareness Month

November – American Diabetes Month

December – Universal Human Rights Month (Read A New Book Month)