Why your Call to Action sucks

Thank you, CopyBlogger, for the following reasons why marketers (and content marketers) don’t see higher conversions. Here is their list, shortened and paraphrased by me:

Multiple Calls to Action

What’s the one thing you want readers to do? When you have too many calls to action, your readers become paralyzed by the choices and leave.

 No Call to Action

They come, they see, they leave. Give them  an opportunity to subscribe.

Below the Fold

When you visit the most popular sites in the world, you will notice that you never have to scroll to find the call to action.

Colors Blend In

Pop quiz: Does your call to action jump out at your readers the moment they arrive to your blog? If not, you might want torethink your color palette.

Loaded with Jargon

Too many marketers load their content with industry jargon instead of writing in words their readers actually use.

Not Specific

Your readers lead busy lives and your job is to spell it out for them. If you want them to enter their email address, tell them in your call to action. If you want them to click a link, include the words “click here” in the link.

No Urgency

People are extremely motivated to take action out of fear of missing out on an opportunity. For instance, if you want more readers to download your ebook or free report, try offering it for a limited time only.

Too Much Self Proclaimed Hype

A great way to increase subscribers is to have an industry authority quote how much they enjoy reading your content.

No Benefit to Signing Up

Hmm. Meeting speakers isn’t a benefit

No A/B Testing

At least once a month, you should test your call to action to improve your subscription rate until you’ve deemed it good enough.

Puny Call to Action

If you have a call to action and no one can find it, you may as well have no call to action at all. Make it big enough so people can’t miss it.

 Wrong Offer

If your offer doesn’t interest your readers, how convincing the copywriting is or how beautiful your buttons are won’t matter. They won’t take action. Think about the number of websites with ebooks and software that never get downloaded. The bottom line: The best way to create a killer call to action is to offer something your readers really want, when they want it, the way they want it.

Never Studied Copywriting

Let’s get perfectly blunt here. Although trying to create a killer call to action without studying copywriting is possible, it’s highly unlikely. If you’ve never studied copywriting, you need to start right now.


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