Your sales funnel is the humpty dumpty of marketing

The Internet, well, it’s about people.

When you want an answer to a question, or if you’re seeking out inspiration or need insight on a problem, you go to Google. Your potential customers are the same as you — the Internet is the genie lantern of solutions that is right at their fingertips.

If you think the sales and marketing funnel is still shaped like a wide-mouthed funnel cone, then it’s time to reconsider your method. In short, the sales funnel is now the humpty dumpty of marketing. Broken. Sales and marketing generation is now a reciprocal, two-way conversation.

It’s time to think like a journalist.

Marketing professionals are starting to understand what media professionals have known all along: Content is King.

In order to attract new clientele to your business, you must start considering your lead for what they are — an individual with individual interests and concerns. (While you’re at it, cease referring to them as “leads.) Think like the client. How do they behave? What does their typical day look like? What are their core values?

When you can answer these questions, they will feel less like a transaction and you will be empowered to focus on forming a relationship with them.

One way to do this is to deliver value. Tailor your blog or social media strategy around your core constituency’s basic needs and interests. It will take time, but they will appreciate your effort. Just like in any “real” relationship, you should focus on building a bond with one another, enhancing their loyalty to you and encouraging your satisfied customers to advocate for your brand.

Clients can easily find out how and where your product is made, the level of your civic involvement and even how well you treat your employees. This knowledge effects their buying decisions, so you want to make sure you’re saying the right things. By behaving like a journalist, you will be in control of your message.

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