Booty love

These BP booties are this girl’s new best friend.

My shoe obsession has reached new lows, or should I say new addresses?

I ordered these BC label, suede wedge booties from Monday and had
them delivered to my work. Shameless, I know, but I just couldn’t bare the
thought of them sitting lonely on my doorstep all day. My lovely coworkers left
them for me under my desk and let me tell you it was like
Christmas in August.

The shoe’s tag reads, “because I don’t believe the hype.”

You should totally believe the hype about It’s the best shoe
website around and offers free, two-day shipping. No, I’m not being paid for my
endorsements but am willing to do so. You can find me at

I’ve purchased my first pair of fall boots—you all know what this means:
Winter is coming #gameofthronesobsessed.

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