Ladies, watch your behinds

The serial butt slasher is seen "shopping."

In light of my recent post about me being upskirted—when someone covertly takes photos or video up the dress of an unsuspecting woman— one hispanic man in Fairfax has significantly upped the ante when it comes sexual violence in shopping malls.

The Virginia police are searching for a man they believe has slashed the butts of at least five women at Fair Oaks Mall this year.

The Huffington Post reports that an “18-year-old woman was shopping at Forever 21 in Fairfax when she felt a sharp pain on her rear end, report from NBC Washington. She told police she thought at first that she had been struck with a clothes hanger. Only after further inspection did she realize she had been cut through her shorts with a box cutter or razor.”

Being upskirted is one thing, but being slashed in the hiney is quite another. I hope this guy, when he gets caught, will realize that when he goes to prison he will be known as the “butt slasher.” I’m sure the awaiting prisoners will happily return the violence on him in kind.

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