Calling criticism, party of one of many

As a public company open to hoards of opinions, Times Community Media always
takes criticism in stride, with a grain of salt and more often than not, with a
little chuckle. In the past I’ve been told I shouldn’t be allowed to write,
don’t know what I’m talking about and have no business being a journalist. I
make mistakes, I own them and move on … but some readers can’t. On occasion,
the LTM gets unwarranted criticism in the form of an overall hatred toward all
media. These are the best, so it is with much delight that I post verbatim the
latest installation of media-hatred. Enjoy.

Dear Editor:

I am writing to request that the news that is fit to print be printed exactly
as it happens, NOT as you LIBERALS like to embellish or PARAPHRASE it!  I do not
believe anything I read or hear from the MSM!

I know I can depend on the syndicated radio talk show hosts to provide the
TRUTH and NOT slant the news to make it more acceptable to the listeners! The
FOX News network provides a variety of hosts/reporters who invite the opposition
to present their opinions and debate with those on the flip side of the issues
that are of great importance to U.S. all! To me, FOX translates to, “FOCUS ON
eXCELLENCE”! I have not witnessed biased attitudes, negativity, or BLATANT LIES
coming from this organization, only restraint from judging those who are NOT in
agreement with their opinions and absolutely, NO BIASED BS BEHAVIOR as always
witnessed with the Main-Stream Media “terrorists”!

My father canceled our subscription to the Washington Post some time back in
the 1970s because he considered it to be a communist supported media! I support
his opinion as well!  IMHO, anything bought or supported by george soros or any
of his satanic team should be trashed!

It is sad that so many in the msm are brain-washed and cannot see the truth
if it spit in their face!  I will continue to listen to those who ONLY print or
speak the TRUTH!

Seriously irritated,

CE (*initials are used for privacy … this person also resides in Prince
William county)

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