It’s a woman’s world

Women are taking the helm at Virginia firms more now than ever before.

The number of women-owned firms in Virginia has grown 57 percent during the
past 14 years, according to the State of Women-Owned Business Report released by
American Express last month.

The Commonwealth has approximately 206,900 women-owned companies with 205,900 employees, according to the report. The report analyzes data from 2010 released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Nationally, the number of women-owned businesses has increased 50 percent
since 1997. Virginia ranks 12th in the nation as seeing one of the greatest
increases in the number of women-owned firms in the nation. Additionally, the
revenue growth of women-owned businesses in Virginia increased 91 percent.

Below lists the trends in women-owned businesses in the Commonwealth for
every five years between 1997-2011. The 2011 are estimations.

Number of firms

2011- 206,900

Percentage increase: 57 percent


Percentage increase: 20 percent

1997- $17,486,395
2002- $22,123,426
2007- $30,272,850
Percentage increase: 91 percent

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